Sunday, January 23, 2011

Past Came Calling Today

I talked with someone today ... someone from long ago ... let's call this person "Past".  Memories came flooding back.  Past was part of my life when I was a teenager... Past and I have not talked since then.  Our lives have been busy,  marriage, children, work, deaths of loved ones.  One would think that so much has happened that the past would seem distant.  Yet, when we talked it seemed like only yesterday - all those memories of who we were.

Strange to realize that I am still that same person - older, not much wiser, but still so much the same.  I used to think at some point in life I would "become" who I was meant to be.   Not gonna happen.  Who I was is who I am and who I will always be.  Imagine that.

The people and events in our past are part of who we are.  Past helped me remember that today.
It feels good to remember things we haven't thought about in such a long time.  Happy times... fun times... even the hard times.  The way we were... the way we are.


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