Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Missy - Amazing Grace

Rachelle Davene Eckenrode Hollars died today - went to be with the Lord.  No matter how much we believe - our hearts still feel that Missy left us too soon.  Forty two years is not nearly enough.  I believe that God created us to love this life He gave us.  I think Missy loved life.  My belief is that it's okay  - better than okay to love this life and want to live it to the fullest and be with our loved ones for a long, long time.  Missy was Ken's niece.  My nephew, Dale, died at 23.  When one dies so young it leaves a bigger hole in the family.  It alters the future of all in the family - changes everything.  We wonder how life would have been different - better - if they could have stayed with us longer.  

Thank God for Missy's life - for her beautiful smile and her wonderful life.  I can't think of Missy without thinking of her laugh.  Missy enjoyed life - she had fun - she loved and was loved.

Missy's sons and husband will miss her more than words can ever tell.  Their lives are changed forever.  She made them better by loving them so much.  Her family has another hole in it - with God's help and our faith maybe that hole will become a scar and we can remember Missy with pain but also with the joy she left us.

Amazing Grace is what a family needs when one leaves so soon.  I pray that God gives that to each one - especially to her husband, sons and her father.