Thursday, March 24, 2011

Donkeys, Tulips = Spring??

I want to be outside in the yard and garden and I also want to be inside sewing, knitting and quilting.  Have you figured out how to do both?  Story of my life - want to do it all!

Little Man is staying with us for a few days.  It is so much fun to see the world through a two year old's eyes.  We will play ball, feed cookies to the donkeys - he will ride his "Harley" - and check out all Papa's tractors - all kinds of fun things.  His two "big cousins" will be here - they have so much fun together.  He plays hard and sleeps good.

Our two miniature donkeys, Gracie and Stormy were very agreeable to having their picture taken yesterday.  Aren't they just the cutest things?  They eat cookies out of Little Man's hands.  He loves the outdoor life. 

Tulips are in bloom in my yard.  Hosta is peeking out.  Does this mean it really is spring?  Or is that just wishful thinking?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I have long been fascinated by Frank Lloyd Wright and his unbelievable architecture. I have visited several of his houses and Taliesin in Scottsdale, Arizona. What a stubborn man he must have been - to design and build buildings that were said to be impossible to build. He was so far ahead of the times he lived in - so far removed from the thinking of those around him.

Wright's most famous and most amazing building is Fallingwater in Pennsylvania. It is canitlevered over a waterfall and creek- in a quiet, secluded and wooded area. Pretty amazing to see a house that was built in 1936 that still looks modern and ahead of the times.

I sometimes wonder how many gifted and creative people have let the expectations of those around them keep them from being what they are meant to be. For most of us it is easier to just fit in - do what's expected. Thank goodness for the ones who have the courage to be creative and imaginative.

Beautiful weather - what's not to love about springtime? Well - maybe the pollen! Everyone I know has allergies - 'specially this time of year. Garden is growing - flowers are blooming - it's a beautiful day.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Auction Sale

...went to an auction sale yesterday. Sort of sad. The man who owned the house and all the "stuff" was there - it must be hard to see your lifetime of belongings sold to the highest bidder. I went because there were some handmade quilts sold. I didn't buy one - I really just wanted to see them. There were a few people there who seemed to appreciate the artistry of the quilts.

In this economy - with so many people unemployed and so many facing financial difficulty. there are still people with money to spend. One man spent several thousand dollars on coins - one woman spent several hun
dred on a couple of RJR items. A very distinguished gentleman paid $2,100 for a Colt Python...guess he really wanted it.

I did buy a stained glass mirror - just couldn't resist. It is beautiful and the price I paid is less than I would pay for the materials to make it.

Little Man is spending the night with us. We had so much fun playing outside - feeding the donkeys. He loves riding his "Harley". Are boys born with the need for speed? He loves pushing the turbo button to go fast. He also loves riding it down to the shop or somewhere - then deciding he doesn't want to ride it back.

Is spring here? Mid 80's today - felt more like summer.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Beginnings and Endings...

I'll never be much of a blogger - it's been a month since my last post!  Am I too busy, or just not disciplined enough to post frequent blogs?  Don't know.  I enjoy it when I do get here.  And I really enjoy a few other blogs.  One of my favorites is  Some people really can do it all!

March is sometimes hard for me.  I need to remind myself of the good "March things" - my dad's birthday is in March, two nephews were born in March, my brother got married in March, we plant early vegetables in March.  The hard memories:  my mom died in March, my 23 year old nephew, Dale died in March.  I have great memories of both of them - but they left too soon and I still miss them.

My life has been crazy busy lately.  And whose fault might that be?  So many things I love doing with my time - it is hard to choose.  The picture is a stained glass I made - I love Irises - they just look like Spring.  One of my pet peeves is hearing someone say, "I don't have time to do that".  Seems to me that we each have the same number of hours in each day.  Some things are necessary, but a large part of our time is spent on things we choose.  I guess we all know people who choose to do not much of anything.  Funny thing is - they're usually the ones who say they don't have time when asked to do something.  I've found that time has gotten much more precious as I get older.  None of us have an endless supply of time.  Enough of that!

Radishes are growing in the garden - broccoli, spinach carrots and cabbage are planted.  Gracie and Stormy (our miniature donkeys) are enjoying the warmer weather, Bo the Beagle is happy, Little Man rode his "Harley" this weekend and Grandsons One and Two were here!  Life is Good!