Monday, September 30, 2013

One Road Trip that I Didn't Take

Ken recently returned home from a 16 day Road Trip.  Hard to believe - I stayed home!  Usually I am the one on the Road Trips.  He and a friend (cousin) drove Elsewhere (the motorhome) to a family reunion in Trenton, Nebraska.  They spent a few days getting to know cousins and other kinfolk and eating lots of good food.

They left Nebraska and headed north and west - even to Sturgis, Crater Lake, California and Las Vegas (of all places!).  Took lots and lots of pictures.

Sturgis, South Dakota
Of course I had given them a list of places "not to miss" and they agreed they were all great places.  I just forgot to mention that some of those places were a little difficult to get to.  I think they probably wanted to wring my neck by the time they got to Crater Lake (but it was worth it).  The road is more than a little steep and very narrow - even in a car - but Elsewhere hung in there and they made it.
Crater Lake

All of us who know Ken made sure he would be home in 7 days.  Guess he fooled us.  Thought I might have to go find him.

They had a great trip - but I'm ready for the next one.