Monday, April 29, 2013

Quilt City, USA - Paducah, Kentucky

I thought I was going to a quilt show last week - it really was more than a quilt show.  The whole town of Paducah turns into "Quilt City".  We saw a man with a superman cape made from a quilt!

Truly amazing quilts - 
Mobs of people - 
Hundreds of vendors selling all kinds of temptation for quilters.
Hancock's of Paducah was like another quilt show.  Lots more shopping temptation.
The Rotary Antique Signature Quilt Show was another great show.

I think Beverly and I exercised remarkable restraint - didn't have to pawn our wedding rings or sell the car.  Just added a few more projects to our list.

Kentucky does things a little differently - we went to a store that was inside a huge warehouse type building - just drove right into the building and parked!  

It's a long drive to Paducah.  An especially long drive home Saturday - rained all the way home.

Of course I had my own personal driver!  Beverly drove all the way home - I leaned back and relaxed.  What a friend.

Friday, April 19, 2013


There are people in my life whom I love so much who are so strong and so good.  So accepting of what life offers.  So deep and calm in their Christian faith.  So loved and so needed.  Makes everything I do; everything I worry about; all the things I let upset me - seem completely insignificant.  

I take her a quilt. Not that she needs a quilt.  It is that I need to do something for her - I hope she knows and can feel the love in the fabric - in the stitches.  I pray for her - sometimes I cry for her.  

She comforts me - tells me she is okay.  She is teaching me.  Hard lessons.  Lessons I don't want to learn.  Her faith is amazing.  I know that she is much more than okay.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Really Good Day

Four year olds enjoy life so much!  Jeremiah came yesterday afternoon to spend the night with us.  When he is not busy eating, he is busy playing, watching everything I do - and asking questions.  His papa bought him a pair of bib overalls.  We asked him to try them on and he informed us that "I only work on Friday - that's when I'll wear them."  Papa asked why he worked on Fridays - he said "I have a super burst of energy on Friday."  Not sure I could keep up with him on a Friday!  

Jeremiah's favorite place to sit is in the recliner with me - of course I sort of like it too.  He watches me pretty closely and if I'm not giving him my full attention - he lets me know it.  Everything is more interesting with a four year old boy around.  Our plan was to take him home at lunch - but he "needed to stay longer".  We had a fun afternoon - he spent all day in his pajamas!  Too rainy to go outside so why not?  His dad picked him up about 6:00.  

No stitching for me today - I had much more important things to do.  

A really good day.