Tuesday, August 20, 2013

That is a Cow in the Door of the Store!

We just had to drive into the parking lot of this store in Dillard, Georgia - who can resist taking a picture of a huge cow standing in the door of a store?  The little boy in this picture seemed a little unsure about walking by the cow - I think he finally ran in.   When you go to the Cupboard Cafe in Dillard for a great dinner you can stop by here to visit the cow.

After a week of beautiful weather, yesterday was a "rainy day in Georgia" - made it a little easier to leave the beautiful mountains.  

Ya just gotta love your GPS sometimes.  After my trip through one of the curviest, most isolated roads in the country on my trip down - I realized that my GPS was set to find the shortest route - think twice before you do that!  I was beginning to think I was going to be walking a log across a creek to get there.  Seestah George called me about 30 minutes after we left to say, "These things don't work so good in the mountains".  She drove in a circle and ended up back where she started!  What fun!  

Don't know which is better - going?  Or coming home?  Life is good.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Life in the Mountains is Good

View from our deck

Life can't get much more relaxing than today.  Watching the mountains light up with morning, hearing the birds, drinking tea.  Perfect way to start my day.

Only tv we've watched is all the episodes of "House of Cards".  I don't watch much television but I really liked this series.  It was nominated for 10 Primetime Emmys.   I do admit to watching "NCIS" all the time - doesn't matter how many times I've seen it - do love that show and all the characters.

We went to Dillard this afternoon for a late lunch at Cupboard Cafe - a surprise in this small mountain town.  The food was delicious - all kinds of entrees, sandwiches - huge selection of vegetables and desserts. Everything we ate was great - although I didn't like the Peanut Butter Pie that we shared - guess I just prefer my peanut butter on crackers.  They also have a nice gift shop, a fudge and jelly bean shop.  Nice afternoon.

Across the street from the cafe is a "Metal Folk Art" place - that's the only way I know to describe it.  Everything from an old VW Bug to metal horses and all kinds of metal thing a ma jigs. 

I think we were the only people in Dillard today without jackets or sweaters!  It was really cool - I wonder if this is typical weather for August in the North Georgia mountains. 

Tonight the raccoons came to visit - they stayed on the deck for hours eating all the bird seed.  They ran all over the deck and even had a couple of fights.  Sure hope they don't bring bears with them next time.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

High on the Mountain in Georgia

Rain Chain at Tiger Mountain Vineyards - I want one.
Yesterday - great weather - we drove to Helen - stopping at several interesting places along the way.  Helen is really a touristy town - fun to visit but don't care about going back.  We did have a delicious german lunch in Hofer's German Restaurant.  Good food and good service.  The red cabbage was delicious and Seestah really made the waitresses day when she asked, "What makes the cabbage red?"  It was even funnier since Seestah is a great cook and knows all about vegetables - guess it was just one of those momentary brain freezes.

Crane Creek Vineyards in Young Harris is on an old farm - as so many vineyards are.  The tasting room is in the old farmhouse - very nice people.  I don't know much about wine but I did buy one bottle of blush - need to support small businesses you know.

We stopped at Hightower Vineyards on the way back.  We had a frozen peach belini - wonderful!
I sat on the back porch and chatted with a young lady - Professor of Medieval Art at Young Harris College.  Really interesting to talk to her.  The vineyard owner invited us to come back Friday evening for "Swine and Wine" - barbecue sandwich, slaw and first glass of wine - sounds like fun.

We saw a zip line - Seestah wanted very badly to  zip down the line - but since her foot is still healing, we decided to skip the zip.  I didn't want to go zipping without her - that would not have been good.  Maybe next time.

This morning - 60 degrees - high this afternoon - 72.  Absolutely perfect weather - perfect day.  There are so many birds eating from the feeders on the decks - I think they come just to visit with us.  Leisurely morning watching the birds, playing Scrabble.  We headed down the mountain about 11:00 - drove to Clayton - really nice little town.

There is a store in Clayton that sells restored stoves and refrigerators made from the 1800's through the 1970's.  They are completely restored and ready to use.  The older ones have the original porcelain and chrome finish.  One stove was made from copper.  They are beautiful.  He ships them all over the world - does a lot of custom work for people.

There are several nice shops along the streets of Clayton.  We had a great lunch at Clayton Cafe - fried chicken breast that was huge - can't imagine a chicken that big.  Field peas, greens, cornbread squash casserole and lots of other vegetables on the menu.

All kinds of stuff to look at.  RC Cola and Mini Moon Pie for $2.50.  We did NOT get one.
Stopped in Tiger, Georgia at Linda's Sweet Treats and Antiques - just happened to see it.  Yes, there is a town called Tiger.  I got just one piece of Blackberry Wine Cake - delicious.  Guess what kind of cake Seestah got??Chocolate on Chocolate!  Just a mile or two down the road we stopped at Tiger Mountain Vineyards.  Very nice - Seestah said the wine was the best yet - maybe she just liked the handsome young man from Australia who works there.

We are watching "House of Cards" on Netflix - evil people.  But we can't stop watching...

Seestah brought home a couple of left over cornbread muffins to try to bait a bear into coming to the cabin.  I tried to stop her - a man at the Cafe told her it really wasn't safe to feed the bears so she told him it was for the birds.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Girls Week in the Mountains!!!

One whole, complete week in the mountains with nothing to do except what we want to do.  Wish you could hear the wonderful night sounds.  We are high on the mountain overlooking a lake  in Georgia.  Such a beautiful place.

We got here yesterday afternoon - one of our bff's couldn't make it - we sure miss her.  So it's the two of us - been way too long since our last trip together - the three of us were in Charleston, 
Christmas 2011.

We have friends - good friends - but some of us are lucky enough to have "forever friends" who know us better than we know ourselves.  If we're really lucky - they are also great travel friends.  What fun.

We have all these places to see and things to do on our list - the nice thing is we don't have to do any of them unless we want to.  Today we didn't want to do any of them.  Stayed here all day - sat on the deck - talked - ate, read - cooked a simple, delicious dinner.  Talked, ate, read, watched some Netflix. 
A really good day.

This cabin has three levels with three beautiful decks with a swing, rockers, table and chairs and bird feeders.  Lots of birds - although the flying squirrels eat most of the bird seed.

I have friends who own a beautiful house in the North Carolina mountains that I've visited many times.  I thought it had the steepest possible driveway - Not!  I stopped and took a long look before I started up this driveway - will be interesting to go down tomorrow!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day One of National Street Rod Show

Beautiful weather - not too hot and not humid - how nice.  There are hundreds of vendors here selling all kinds of things.  One huge building is "Woman's World".  Can't wait to check that out.

First thing - they come get us - we go to Papa John Stadium - hook the truck to the trailer (I wondered why - since Frank and Leslie were going to drive it to the show).  Duh!  so the trailer wouldn't tilt when the car was backed off on the ramp.  I wouldn't have thought of that until it happened.  They drive the car - we drive the truck, then go in to find them - cell phones are good when there are over 10,000 show cars.

We had a perfect location for the car - in the lot next to the street so we could watch cars cruising by all day.  The street is on the Expo property since it covers 300 acres and it is all full of cars.  Lawn chairs, umbrellas, cold drinks - meeting great people and hearing about their cars.  

Nancy - drove her beautiful street rod truck from Wisconsin by herself.  Said her husband showed their cars for years while she stayed home with four kids.  Kids are grown - hubby is tired of going - so she goes all over the country showing their cars - they have several.  In fact, they have several Woodies.  She was such a fun person - enjoying life to the fullest.  And guess what - she sold her street rod!  She went into the vendor area to shop for parts for the next one.  Wish I had a picture of her bright yellow street rod. 

Car back and locked in trailer - time for dinner on the Louisville Riverfront.  Joe's Crab Shack - delicious seafood - great service and a beautiful setting.  A walk in the riverfront park - perfect end to a great - if tiring - day.  Glad to get back to Elsewhere and relax.

Sunday, August 4 - Time to Go Home

Sort of sad to see it end.  It's been a wonderful few days with two of our favorite people.  Sure hope we can do it all again.  Maybe we'll have a street rod next time.  Ken has one in the works.  Found one he thought he might buy - someone bought it before he had a chance.  Maybe next time.

On the road - all is well until we get to Charleston, West Virginia.  Remember this is where the truck trouble started on the way to Louisville.  Truck started losing power again - slow, slower then speed up.  I know it had to be so frustrating for Frank.  Took us longer but the important thing is we got home safely and the beautiful '57 Chevy is back home and all tucked in until next time.

A semi truck caught on fire and completely burned on I 64.  We sat in traffic for a while so we made sandwiches and delivered them to Frank and Leslie (in the truck in front of us).  A lady asked if we made milkshakes.  Think we could've made a little money if we had been there a little longer.

Good to be home - until next time.

Hope you have good travels and better homecomings!

Flowers at the Expo Center in Louisville

Saturday, April 3 - More Cars

More Cars - more car watching and people watching.

The NSRA gave away a car this afternoon.  We didn't win.  Only the registered car owners were eligible - Leslie and Frank didn't win either!  Shucks.

Don't even ask about this picture - yes it is our motorhome - Yes that is Ken climbing in the window.  Thank goodness I left that window unlocked.  And yes that's our nice neighbor holding the ladder.  I think Leslie and I were sitting in the shade trying not to let Ken hear us laughing.  Gotta love it.

How can we possibly top the wonderful food we've had the last three evenings?  We did!  A friend told Leslie about a place about 30 minutes from Louisville that we should try.  Okay.  We put the address in the GPS and drove - and drove - and drove.  Little curvy roads - lots of turns.  I think we turned on Stiller Road three times.  We laughed so much - wondering what in the world could possibly be this far out in the country.  Found it!!  Parking lot full of cars - beautiful grounds and big white farmhouse - playgrounds - lakes.  Joe Huber's Farm and Restaurant.  Joe Huber knows how to do things - Huber's winery - Huber's Lakehouse for rent - rides for the kids - gift shop and fresh produce store.  And the restaurant - huge and beautiful - and busy.   Check it out:  joehubers.com.

More great food - we had chicken and dumplings, ham, catfish, corn, summer salad (my favorite), slaw, lima beans,  yeast rolls.  So, so good.  Coconut Cream Pie for dessert.  Four evenings - four great meals - not one complaint.

Friday, August 2 - Another Beautiful Day!

We're getting pretty good at this loading and unloading - guess I should say Ken and Frank are getting good at it.  Leslie and I mostly stay in the cool and watch.

The Chevy was in a different area today - something about a pro class - beats me - I just know they're great cars!  This place is so big - we're getting plenty of exercise walking.

Leslie and I spent a few hours in "Woman's World" today.  Hundreds of vendors selling so many great things.  We did a little shopping - mostly looking.

Ken and I were walking across one of the showrooms admiring the cars when someone called Ken's name - hard to believe some friends from Davie County were there.  It was fun to see them and catch up on things.  They have a car but it isn't finished yet.

We drove out to see Churchill Downs - beautiful.  Took some pictures and found our way across the river.

Since we are right on the great Ohio River, Leslie and I decided we should drive across the bridge to Indiana and eat on their waterfront.  Same river - different state.  We ate at Kingfish Restaurant on the Riverfront.  Beautiful.  The food was delicious - we all ate steak and lobster - so good.  The service was great - really nice waitress.  Kentucky Silk Pie for dessert - we did all share one dessert.  I forgot to tell you that we had Key Lime Pie for dessert at Joe's last night - really, really good.

After dinner we spent some time riding around Jeffersonville - a beautiful old town right on the river.

Back to Elsewhere.  We are parked in the midst of some beautiful motorhomes and friendly people.  The people next to us are in the most beautiful motorhome we have ever seen - a Prevost Private Coach.  Don't get me wrong - we love Elsewhere - we got him new in March and I think he'll be around for a long time.  They're beautiful but we really don't want one that large - there are so many places you can't go in the huge ones.  We never thought we would get one as large as Elsewhere but so far we're really loving it (he's 30 feet).  He has so much personality and electric jacks!  an overhead bunk that comes down with the push of a button - fun.

Our neighbor in the Prevost has a street rod - handed me the keys and told us to take it for a ride!  Can you believe that?  Ken decided we shouldn't - guess he was right - but it sure was tempting.

Another perfect day.  

Street Rod Nationals Plus. August 1 - 4, 2013

Wednesday, July 31 - We had Elsewhere loaded and ready to ride at 6:15 AM!  Headed to the 44th Annual Street Rod Nationals Plus. August 1 - 4, 2013, at Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, Kentucky with Leslie and Frank - who are so much more than just good friends!  They are taking their amazing '57 Chevy to the show.  I haven't seen it yet - it was in the trailer and ready to go when we met them to go to Kentucky.  They pulled the trailer with a pick up truck.

All went well until we got about half way - uh oh!  truck problems - thought it might be the transmission.  The two guys scratched their heads - discussed their options - pull it with Elsewhere?  leave the truck?  Whatever it takes we are going to this car show!  Guess the truck decided it was best to go ahead and pull the trailer.  For some reason it made it the rest of the way just fine.

Got there in time for Leslie and Frank to get the car registered and parked in the secure area at Papa John Stadium.  We had reserved a space in one of the parking lots at the Expo Center.   It was set up for motorhomes.  Really nice to park there so we didn't have to drive to the car show. Leslie and Frank had already made reservation at a hotel about 3 miles away - they headed out with the dear gps - hope they found it.  

Dinner time - Texas Roadhouse!  Only problem was when I put it in the GPS I didn't notice that it was the Texas Roadhouse at the airport!  Oh well - ya just gotta start over and try again.  Found it - the ribs were excellent.

Long day!  We're excited about the show tomorrow.  There are street rods and old cars of all kinds all over this city.  Which one do I want?