Sunday, August 4, 2013

Street Rod Nationals Plus. August 1 - 4, 2013

Wednesday, July 31 - We had Elsewhere loaded and ready to ride at 6:15 AM!  Headed to the 44th Annual Street Rod Nationals Plus. August 1 - 4, 2013, at Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, Kentucky with Leslie and Frank - who are so much more than just good friends!  They are taking their amazing '57 Chevy to the show.  I haven't seen it yet - it was in the trailer and ready to go when we met them to go to Kentucky.  They pulled the trailer with a pick up truck.

All went well until we got about half way - uh oh!  truck problems - thought it might be the transmission.  The two guys scratched their heads - discussed their options - pull it with Elsewhere?  leave the truck?  Whatever it takes we are going to this car show!  Guess the truck decided it was best to go ahead and pull the trailer.  For some reason it made it the rest of the way just fine.

Got there in time for Leslie and Frank to get the car registered and parked in the secure area at Papa John Stadium.  We had reserved a space in one of the parking lots at the Expo Center.   It was set up for motorhomes.  Really nice to park there so we didn't have to drive to the car show. Leslie and Frank had already made reservation at a hotel about 3 miles away - they headed out with the dear gps - hope they found it.  

Dinner time - Texas Roadhouse!  Only problem was when I put it in the GPS I didn't notice that it was the Texas Roadhouse at the airport!  Oh well - ya just gotta start over and try again.  Found it - the ribs were excellent.

Long day!  We're excited about the show tomorrow.  There are street rods and old cars of all kinds all over this city.  Which one do I want?

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