Sunday, August 4, 2013

Saturday, April 3 - More Cars

More Cars - more car watching and people watching.

The NSRA gave away a car this afternoon.  We didn't win.  Only the registered car owners were eligible - Leslie and Frank didn't win either!  Shucks.

Don't even ask about this picture - yes it is our motorhome - Yes that is Ken climbing in the window.  Thank goodness I left that window unlocked.  And yes that's our nice neighbor holding the ladder.  I think Leslie and I were sitting in the shade trying not to let Ken hear us laughing.  Gotta love it.

How can we possibly top the wonderful food we've had the last three evenings?  We did!  A friend told Leslie about a place about 30 minutes from Louisville that we should try.  Okay.  We put the address in the GPS and drove - and drove - and drove.  Little curvy roads - lots of turns.  I think we turned on Stiller Road three times.  We laughed so much - wondering what in the world could possibly be this far out in the country.  Found it!!  Parking lot full of cars - beautiful grounds and big white farmhouse - playgrounds - lakes.  Joe Huber's Farm and Restaurant.  Joe Huber knows how to do things - Huber's winery - Huber's Lakehouse for rent - rides for the kids - gift shop and fresh produce store.  And the restaurant - huge and beautiful - and busy.   Check it out:

More great food - we had chicken and dumplings, ham, catfish, corn, summer salad (my favorite), slaw, lima beans,  yeast rolls.  So, so good.  Coconut Cream Pie for dessert.  Four evenings - four great meals - not one complaint.

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