Wednesday, September 16, 2015

NSRA Car Show Louisville, Kentucky

We left at 7:00 this morning - pulling the trailer with our car - Frank driving his car and Donnie and Gail Powell driving their car.  
Missing Leslie - everything was more fun with her - she amazed us with her ability to really enjoy life when she was so very sick.  She made everything better for us.  I know it must be extremely hard for Frank.

A good trip - rained the last hour.  We really like coming to this car show because they have sites for Motorhomes - really nice to stay there and not have to fight the traffic.

This is such a huge place with over 12,000 cars registered for the show.  Don't think we saw all of them?  Thursday we all had dinner at Joe's Crab Shack on the river - we were there last year with Leslie.  The food was not as good this year.

Friday - we spent the day at the car show - Gail and I took a bus trip to a small town for shopping - not a very interesting trip.  We drove across the river to Indiana and had dinner at Buckhead - we were disappointed in the ribs - guess that's not their specialty.  We drove around Old Town - very interesting - magnificent old houses and churches.

Saturday - I spent the day in the Motorhome - just relaxing - didn't feel so great so it was nice to have a quiet day.  We went out to dinner across the river again - nice evening.

We left at 8:00 AM.  Frank's car had a minor problem - had to make a short stop.  We were ahead of them when they called to let us know they stopped.  We lost phone reception - not unusual in the mountains - so somehow they got in front of us while we were waiting on them!  We backtracked looking for them - what a day!
But we all got home safely - just a long trip - home about 6:00.

Good to go - Good to come home.