Saturday, September 15, 2012

Stephen King's House...

     We drove from Canada back into Maine this morning.  The route through Maine looked more interesting than the Canada route.  It was rainy for about an hour then turned into a beautiful day.
We made several stops today.  Met some interesting people along the way.  We stopped at a large antique shop in a huge old house - stuffed full of interesting things.  The lady who owns the shop is in a wheelchair and had braces on her arms - she runs the shop by herself.  She was so upbeat and interested in everyone who came in.  I admire her so much when I think how difficult her life is and yet she continues to live to the fullest.
Stephen King's House - Bangor, Maine
     We listen to books on CD when we're on long stretches of highway with no interesting stops.  Makes it seem faster to the next stop.  The trees are beginning to turn here.  Tomatoes, cucumbers, apples and lots of other vegetables and fruits are in season here - feels like June in North Carolina.
     Stephen King's house in Bangor, Maine is very interesting - it is a huge old house - beautiful.  A black fence all around with a beautiful gate with a spider web design.  There were several others taking pictures while we were there.  Fun stop.
Love this frog hanging on Stephen King's fence.
     Skowhegan, Maine was on our way so we had to stop at the New Balance Shoe Factory Outlet.  I bought a pair for Jeremiah - Lester bought a pair.  Great prices.  New Balance is the only Athletic Shoe Company still making shoes in the USA.  Not all of their shoes are made in the USA but I like to buy their products because they are manufacturing part of their shoes in the US.
     We crossed back into Canada - drove 6 or 8 miles before meeting a car.  Several miles before the small communities began.  This area looks like it used to be large farms - lots of huge old barns - and I didn't get a picture of one.  We stopped early today - staying in St. Georges, Quebec.  A really nice Comfort Inn - especially the shower - I want one like it.
I love this bathroom.
     On to Quebec City tomorrow


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