Thursday, September 6, 2012

Next Road Trip Begins in Just a Few Hours...

Yes, I do love to travel.  I enjoy seeing the beauty of our country - meeting and talking to people.  Flying is great for trips to other countries or when we just don't have time to drive.  My favorite is still "The All American Road Trip".  I like the planning - spending hours on Googlemaps and Ya just never know what's around the next bend in the road.

This trip will be much shorter than our last one - only about 4,000 miles as compared to 9,200 on the last trip!  Every day for the last couple of weeks we've made additions to our map.  I just keep finding things that need to be seen.  

We aren't taking the MotorHome this time - we'll be driving my Third Brother's Honda Insight - great gas mileage.  I only hope he doesn't find a moose head (or was that a steer?) or something similar (he really did find one on the last trip). Yes, we brought it home in the SUV - thought for a while we might have to tie it on the roof!  Traveling with a "collector" is really interesting - especially when he collects just about everything!

Ken will be staying home to keep things under control - except for Bodacious the Beagle - he just can not be controlled.

Check back for some pictures as we travel up the east cost about as far north as we can go.  On into Nova Scotia and Halifax - then over to Quebec before we begin a new route south.  Might even find a few Frank Lloyd Wright houses along the way.

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