Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Beautiful Day in Maine - Wednesday - September 12

Permaquid Beach
Pemaquid Lighthouse

Acadia National Park - that white dot is a huge cruise ship

Lester at Acadia National Park
   The weather continues to be perfect.  We left Brunswick this morning.  Zipping down the highway when what do you know - Lester spied a huge antique flea market.  I really think he has some kind of radar for these places.  This was a good one - on Highway 1 somewhere not too far north of Brunswick.  Really nice people - good prices on antique glassware and linens (for me) and all kinds of old stuff for Lester.  We spent about two hours there.
Lester at Pemaquid Beach
Brenda - the only Lobster I li
    Back to Highway 1 - I've never seen so many antique shops (we only stopped at three more) and several quilt shops which I agreed to ignore.  The car was getting so full that we went to a pack and ship place in Rockland, Maine and shipped some stuff home.  Too much fun.             

found three pieces of blue  hobnail depression glass (I've been collecting for years) which just can't be found in NC anymore.  
     Pemaquid Lighthouse - really nice parklike area.  The Lighthouse Hostess said it must be hard for us to be impressed with lighthouses after seeing Cape Hatteras.  She had visited the North Carolina lighthouses.  An impressive art gallery with work by local artists and a fun gift shop.  There was a beautiful hedge of Rugosa Roses (I had to ask what they were).  The rose hips look a lot like persimmons!  Lester walked out on the rocks - I visited with some local people.  
    A beautiful drive up the coast to Acadia National Park.  We drove to the top of Cadillac Mountain - magnificent views.  We climbed up to the top - not too far from the parking area - to get some great pictures.  It is crowded here now - it must be crazy in the summer.
     We had to drive longer than we wanted to find a place to stay - things are getting farther apart.  We're staying in Mathias, Maine.
    My favorite thing about road trips is that we have no schedule - no reservations - so we can stop anywhere we want and stay as long as we want.  A very relaxing way to travel.  We keep finding places we add to our route - so much to see.  

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