Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September 11, 2012 – Kennebunkport, Maine

Keepsake Quilting - Center Harbor, Maine
LL Bean Store

LL Bean Boot 

      Nine Eleven – has it really been eleven years?  Remembering all those who lost their lives that day and all those who lost loved ones.  I know we were all remembering them today.  
     We enjoyed breakfast before leaving Manchester this morning – that’s unusual for us – we’re usually in a hurry to get on the road.  We took the scenic route along a beautiful lake from New Hampshire to Center Harbor, Maine to Keepsake Quilting.
     What a beautiful, big, friendly quilt shop.  I spent two to three hours – loved every minute of it.  I bought some beautiful things – but not too much since the car is filling up quickly.  Lester was very patient – he rode around a while, then found a nice shady parking place to wait on me.  Of course I did some shopping - just a little.

Home of George & Barbara Bush

Kennebunkport, Maine
 A beautiful drive to Kennebunkport, Maine – seems to be the vacation place of the rich and famous.  A beautiful, very crowded little town.  Extremely crowded – I can imagine what it’s like in the summer.  We rode through town in all that traffic twice (no that was not on purpose).  Our GPS took us right to Walker Point – the beautiful home of George and Barbara Bush.  It is breathtakingly beautiful – built on a point with rock cliffs all around.  We were surprised that there was a place to pull off to take pictures – a 15 minute parking time limit.  Lots of people were there taking pictures.  I wonder where the secret service were hiding – probably in plain sight – maybe the bicyclists?
     Portland, Maine – We went to the LL Bean store.  It is much more than a store – it is a campus of beautiful two story buildings with beautiful landscaping.  Just browsing for us – enjoyed walking around.  The whole area seems to be about shopping - dozens of upscale stores.  
     Neither of us like Lobster – which people find hard to believe.  So many people told us that we just had to try Maine Lobster.  We knew better but we decided to be good sports and try Maine Lobster.  Not a good decision.  Neither of us liked it at all.  Yuck – I don’t like the taste or the smell or the texture.  We ate a McDonald’s salad – can you believe it???  No more lobster for me – ever.
     Drove through Freeport, Maine - more shopping areas - dozens more of the same type stores as Portland.  
     We found a really nice Comfort Inn in Brunswick, Maine - looked like a colonial house.  A very good day (except for the lobster).

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