Monday, September 17, 2012

Ben and Jerry's for Lunch - a really good day

September 17, 2012

Morning Fog in Vermont
Vermont Farm
    Driving south in Vermont - so green here.  The fog in the valleys was beautiful.  There are still lots of big farms in Vermont and New York.  Beautiful barns.  Lots of antique shops - we only stopped at a few.  Our car is almost completely full.  Lester might have to ship some more home!
    We spent some time in two different glass blowing studios - bought a couple of pieces.  I love watching glass blowers.  I told them we were from North Carolina and I had been to Penland School of Crafts in the North Carolina mountains - both of them had studied there and one of them taught there.  They also know the Bernsteins - I've been to their studio several times and bought a couple of pieces from them.  Penland is known and respected all over the world and most people in North Carolina haven't heard of it.  
Von Trapp Family Lodge
     Ben and Jerry's tour and ice cream tasting.  The tour was fun - short and informative.  We were treated to a flavor that is being tested and considered for marketing "Cherry Malt".  It was really good but I prefer a little crunch in my Ben and Jerry's.  Ice cream for lunch - a very good day.  Each employee gets to take 3 pints of ice cream home each day - do you think they get tired of ice cream?
    Stowe, Vermont - very upscale resort town.  It is probably very busy during ski season.  Thanks to Henry (our GPS) we found  Stowe Fabric and Yarn Shop in an old house - like so many businesses in the Northeast.  Really nice shop and friendly shop owner.  Lester has not been very nice to Henry GPS at times - he disagrees with him.  I do think Henry is almost always right but we've learned to keep quiet.  Sometimes it's best not to argue.  I would never want to take a road trip without Henry or one of his family.  I'm really curious about one thing - we have Lester's IPad with Verizon 3G - it works great until we cross the border into Canada and instantly - no service.  How in the world does the signal stop that precisely.  Anybody know?
   We drove across to the Lake Champlain Islands and then into New York.  The lake is huge and really beautiful.  A nice restful day of antiquing, ice cream eating and driving the backroads of Vermont.  Crossed the bridge over Lake Champlain into New York.

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