Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cloudy, rainy day - but only part of the day.  We left Atlantic City about 7:30 this morning.  Went to the Englishtown Flea Market - must be one of the largest in the world!  Didn't buy much of anything - just spent a few hours talking to people and looking around.

Holland Tunnel 
Statue of Liberty
We drove to NEW YORK CITY!  Traffic was bad but we survived.  We've paid almost $50 in road tolls in two days.  We southerners aren't used to toll roads.  We got to the Statue of Liberty to take the ferry over and guess what???  The ferries were not running because there was a tornado watch.  We did get close enough to take some good pictures.  My Seestah called to make sure we were okay - some tornadoes did touch down - not sure exactly where.  Seestah is actually in NEW YORK CITY for a few weeks with family.  We thought about going by for some of her good cooking but since she is a guest in her son and daughter-in-laws house - we decided it wouldn't be nice to drop in.

Freedom Tower
We drove to the World Trade Center Site - the new Freedom Tower is beautiful and amazingly tall.  It really towers over all the other buildings.  The traffic and the people on the streets were more crowded there than anywhere else we went.                              

We were both ready to get out of the city so we survived the traffic and headed north. We went to Old Saybrook, Connecticut - a beautiful coastal town.  Lots of beautiful old houses.   We drove to Stony Creek to see the Thimble Islands - lots and lots of very small islands - some with only one house.  Beautiful.  We spent some time in an antique shop - didn't buy much but enjoyed looking.  The little village reminded me of Ocracoke, North Carolina.  A very good day.                                                         
Thimble Islands

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