Sunday, February 13, 2011

Time with the Boys

I know why I could never have a blog with thousands of followers...I don't want to update a blog every day - only when I feel like it.  Blogging started as a way to document my travels with pictures and memories.  So I guess it is more for me than for anyone else.  Just a way to put into words the day to day life I live.

Little Man and his mommy and daddy and Oldest Grandson went with us for supper at K&W in Clemmons last night.  Little Man LOVES okra - it's fun to watch him eat.  'Course he loves eating most things.  He came home with us to spend the night.  Such a great feeling having a little boy sleeping over - as well as a not so little boy.  A two year old and two teenage out really well.

He is outside with Papa - feeding Gracie and Stormy (our miniature donkeys) one cookie each and checking out all the tractors and farm equipment.  I think they may ride to our neighbors to see the new addition to their "Petting Zoo" - another llama.  Oh...and he is riding his Harley.  He found the Turbo button - couldn't believe how fast that thing goes.  We had to chase him down to slow him down.  How much fun is that?

I'm still working on the Bargello quilt - it is one of those projects that I have to take a break from.  My eyes begin to cross after a couple of hours looking at those tiny little blocks.

I really enjoy looking back at the pictures of our road trips.  Brings back such good memories.  I'm posting a picture I took in Seattle.  When we drove through this area I kept thinking, "Do people live like this by choice?"  The houses are so close - hard to imagine living that close.  Guess I'm just used to having a little space.  The irony is that not far from these cities, there are areas with almost no population.  It's good to realize that not everyone lives like we do - nor does everyone want to live like we do.  Nice to have a choice.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Good Book, Good Bread, Good Week

My one and only niece has a birthday tomorrow.  We seem to have one girl in each generation and all the rest are boys.  I have three brothers, two sons and three grandsons - of course I am sort of partial to boys.  My niece (let's call her Tee) is a wonderful young woman.  She's very intelligent, has always been independent...and she is the author of several books.  Tee was my mom and dad's first grandchild - she was much loved by them.

It's been a busy week.  I worked more than usual - and worked on several projects here.  I'm teaching several knitting and quilting classes at Sew Together.  Lots of fun - such great people.

The picture was taken on our most recent road trip.  It has no reason to be in this post except - I love the picture.  It is Fanning Island in Lake Tahoe.  A private island.  It looks so peaceful, so quiet, so still.

My sister-in-law had hip replacement surgery this week.  Seems almost any body part can be replaced.  A friend just had shoulder replacement surgery.  Wonder why they can't replace a leg or arm??  I guess I think about that since my brother (and traveling buddy) had to have his leg amputated after an accident.  Just wondering...

I found a new yeast bread recipe this week - think I might try it about midnight tonight since it needs to raise 12 to 24 hours!  The unusual part is that it does not have to be kneaded!  Sounds too good to be true.  Guess we'll know tomorrow night.  If you want to check it out - google Jim Lahey bread recipe.  I love bread.  My mom made incredible yeast rolls - really incredible.  And she made them often.  Such good memories.

Grandson 1 is spending the night with us.  We just watched the movie, "Red" - Bruce Willis, Mary-Louise Parker, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich and Ernest Borgnine - had to be good.  Although it was over the top with gunfire, fist fights and such.

Grandson 2 has strep.  Hope he feels better soon.  And Little Man (grandson 3) and his mommy and daddy spent some time with his Mimi and Grandpa in Raleigh.  I know he had lots of fun.

Since I still haven't found my long lost Ipod, I bought a book on Itunes and listened to it on my computer. I love to read but if I listen to a book I can also knit!  Gives me a feeling of double accomplishment - especially when I'm knitting socks.