Sunday, February 13, 2011

Time with the Boys

I know why I could never have a blog with thousands of followers...I don't want to update a blog every day - only when I feel like it.  Blogging started as a way to document my travels with pictures and memories.  So I guess it is more for me than for anyone else.  Just a way to put into words the day to day life I live.

Little Man and his mommy and daddy and Oldest Grandson went with us for supper at K&W in Clemmons last night.  Little Man LOVES okra - it's fun to watch him eat.  'Course he loves eating most things.  He came home with us to spend the night.  Such a great feeling having a little boy sleeping over - as well as a not so little boy.  A two year old and two teenage out really well.

He is outside with Papa - feeding Gracie and Stormy (our miniature donkeys) one cookie each and checking out all the tractors and farm equipment.  I think they may ride to our neighbors to see the new addition to their "Petting Zoo" - another llama.  Oh...and he is riding his Harley.  He found the Turbo button - couldn't believe how fast that thing goes.  We had to chase him down to slow him down.  How much fun is that?

I'm still working on the Bargello quilt - it is one of those projects that I have to take a break from.  My eyes begin to cross after a couple of hours looking at those tiny little blocks.

I really enjoy looking back at the pictures of our road trips.  Brings back such good memories.  I'm posting a picture I took in Seattle.  When we drove through this area I kept thinking, "Do people live like this by choice?"  The houses are so close - hard to imagine living that close.  Guess I'm just used to having a little space.  The irony is that not far from these cities, there are areas with almost no population.  It's good to realize that not everyone lives like we do - nor does everyone want to live like we do.  Nice to have a choice.

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