Saturday, August 28, 2010

Home and Family

August 27, 2010

This summer has been so very hot. Everything is scorched. Our garden is sad.
Fall is near and we're all ready for the change of seasons.

Little J spent the day with us and is now sleeping. He plays so hard, laughs so often and brings us so much joy.
Grandson One, Papa and I played hide, read books, rode the Gator, played ball, visited the donkey, played in the Little House and had all kinds of fun with him. After a long bath and a few books he was ready for bed with Puppy, Blankie, Special Pillow and Cars Quilt...he's all tucked in.

Making plans for our Road Trip...every day we add something to the list. Maybe we will drive more than 9,000 miles!

Brother One and his wife left Wednesday for a six week Road Trip in their wonderful "House on Wheels". We will probably be in the same part of the country at the same time in a few weeks.

Some people collect things - I like collecting experiences and memories, pictures and new friends. Travel makes us see that not all people live the same life we do. Whether by choice or circumstance. We are fortunate if we can choose how we spend our time - or even a small part of our time.

I love this quote, "A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving." Lao Tzu.

As wonderful as travel is; as much as I love to travel - nothing compares to Home and Family. Being away for a while brings a deeper appreciation of what we have at home.

Miles to go....

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Planning a Road Trip - Again

I do love to travel - see new things, meet new people. My traveling brother and I are planning another "Great American Road Trip". Can't talk hubby into going - he's not much of a traveler - he would rather fish or hunt or such. Thank goodness I have a traveling brother. Planning and thinking about the trip is part of the fun. You should see our list! About 9,000 miles (we think)! I can hardly wait.