Sunday, December 18, 2011

BIFFLE - Best Friends For Like Ever

Biffle's are one of life's blessings.  Most of us have a lots of friends, even a few good friends.  A few of us have a Biffle.  I am blessed with two Biffles!  Closer than sisters - all the good parts of sisterhood with none of the bad.

These two were not childhood friends or even high school friends.  Fate brought them to me at different times in different ways.  We are biffle's because of who we are as adults - not because of who we were as children.  We're different, but we have so much in common.  

We laugh a lot - at ourselves and at each other.  We can talk or sometimes be quiet.  We've taken short trips and some very long trips together.  I went to Italy with one biffle - the trip of a lifetime - all good.  We've spent time in the mountains, at the beach, in Arizona - the Grand Canyon, Texas and even Las Vegas of all places.  I travel some with my husband, children and grandchildren - travel a lot with my brother.  He and I took a "Road Trip" last year - over 9,000 miles.  Great times - I hope for many more.  As good as they are, nothing is quite like time with my Biffles.

The three of us spent a few days in Charleston, SC last week.  Perfect weather, great hotel - Historic Embassy Suites - unbelievably good food.  If you are ever in the beautiful city of Charleston - don't miss eating at Amen and at Jestine's.  I don't have enough good words to describe the food.  Before you leave stop in Market Street Sweets - it's worth stopping to smell the candy - as if you can resist sampling some.  Our room looked out on a beautiful square decorated for Christmas - was it just for us?   Couldn't have been any better.

Distance doesn't matter, nor does time apart.  We talk a lot sometimes - or we don't for a while.  The connection stays the same.  They are family - chosen family.   I thank God for them.