Friday, October 2, 2009

Missing Domino

Our wonderful Border Collie, Domino, got run over and killed a few weeks ago. Ken and I are both so sad. Domino was the first house dog we have ever had. He really became part of our family - I didn't know I could love a dog so much. He was so smart - I really believe he knew what we were thinking. I don't think I ever want to let a dog get that close again. It is hard to believe he's gone. Dale and Tristan were upset, but not quite so much. They weren't around Domino as much as Ken and I were.

We had decided we did not want to get another dog for a while. Just needed some time to miss Domino and decide if we wanted to get another one. One week after Domino died, Ken's nephew showed up at our house with a Beagle puppy. The puppy came to his house a couple of weeks ago - collar, but no tags. Larry tried to find where he belonged, but no one seemed to know. Of course we fell in love with him - who can resist a Beagle puppy. Ken named him Bodacious - Bo. He is full of energy. Dale, Tristan and Jeremiah all love him. Becky grew up with a Beagle at here house so she sort of likes him, too. He is very different from Domino - which is probably a good thing. So we have a dog - and the guys have a "shop dog". He goes down with Ken every morning and they all pet him.

I love the change of seasons. Seems I'm always ready for the next one. Our weather has been perfect for a few days. Cool. I kept Jeremiah for a few hours today - he is 14 months old - and having so much fun - learning something new every minute. We took a long walk - didn't ride the Gator today - only because he didn't see it. He thinks it is his - he sees it - he wants to ride it.