Thursday, September 13, 2012

Roosevelt Campobello Island and New Brunswick, Canada

Miles and miles and miles of this

West Quoddy Lighthouse - Weird light on water
Thursday, September 13
     We enjoyed our night in small town Machias, Maine.  No chain hotels - we were lucky enough to find a small local place - Machias Inn.  Friendly people, nice clean room, wireless internet - everything we needed.
     We stopped at a little antique shop along the road. Door was open - nobody home.  We looked around for about 10 minutes and a nice lady came out - enjoyed a chat with her.  She and her husband, "the boss" are retired and enjoy gardening and the shop.  Their vegetables and flowers here are like ours are in June.  She had lots of tomatoes - they grow some she called "4th of July" tomatoes because they only take 45 days to pick tomatoes.  Lester only bought one thing - I know it was hard for him to resist buying more.
     Quoddy Head State Park - West Quoddy Lighthouse.  These short lighthouses can be hard to find!  We got there early - before it opened but we walked in and took pictures and enjoyed the morning.  The coastline here is so steep and rocky - no beaches to walk on at all.
     We drove northeast along the coast to Lubec, Maine - the easternmost city in the USA.  Lots of "most eastern" signs along the highway.  We crossed the border into Canada at the Roosevelt Campobello Bridge to Campobello Island.  Roosevelt was taken to Campobello every summer with his parents and siblings from the time he was one year old.  They built a "summer cottage" with 24 rooms. Roosevelt continued spending time there with his wife and children - they added on to the cottage - it now has 34 rooms!  Beautiful place - the flowers were just amazing - never seen prettier ones.  Roosevelt Campobello International Park is the only international park - owned and operated by two nations - USA and Canada.  The film about Roosevelt was very well done and we enjoyed the tour of the house.   The East Quoddy Lighthouse on Campobello Island is the most photographed lighthouse in the world.  We didn't get very good pictures because the only way to get to it is to cross some water at low tide and hope you don't get stranded on the island waiting for low tide to come back around.
     We crossed the border back into the US and spent some time in Lubec - we had not had any chocolate since leaving home so we couldn't resist "handcrafted chocolate" at Bayside Chocolates.  Delicious.  Walked around - very small town right on the water - perfect weather.
     St. Andrews, New Brunswick was our next stop - so nice to visit these tourist towns without the summer crowds.  I bought some beautiful wool yarn - locally made.  Enjoyed the yarn shop.  Lester sat outside on a bench with a stuffed monkey - he wouldn't let me take a picture.  The shop owners said their summer had been slow because the huge Algonquin Hotel is undergoing renovation.  It is a beautiful place.
Roosevelt Cottage on Campobello Island
    We were disappointed with St. John - seemed like just another big city.  We did walk down a lot of steps to get a view of the "Reversing Waterfalls" which meant we had a lot of steps to climb back up. We looked around for a while and decided to drive north before calling it a day.
East Quoddy Lighthouse - most photographed in world.  See it???
     We're spending the night in Moncton, NB tonight - on the Bay of Fundy.

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