Thursday, September 20, 2012


Tamarack in West Virginia

Home tonight!  As much as I love to travel - I love coming home.  It is good.

Table at Tamarack - yes they go through the glass!
Tamarack in West Virginia is a wonderful cross section of the work of the many talented people there.  We really enjoyed looking at all the handmade arts & crafts.  

A few stops on the way home... 14 days - a great road trip.  4,500 miles.  Our car was so full - we should have taken a picture before we unloaded it. 

Everything seemed more expensive in the Northeast - gasoline, room rates, everything.  And those TOLLS.  We spent $70 to $80 on tolls - lost count at some point.  

I've traveled in 49 of the 50 states - all but Hawaii and to Italy, Canada and Mexico. Lester has been to all 50 states.  We live in a wonderfully diverse country.  I love visiting other places, but there is nowhere I would rather live than right here in North Carolina.

A great trip - now for the unpacking, laundry, catching up on everything.  

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