Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Elsewhere is Here

Can it really be March 20, 2013?  Guess I'm probably not the only one who feels like I'm in a time machine going way too fast!  

Since I can't travel ALL the time this blog needs to reinvent itself to include my life when I'm not in the motor home or car or plane or boat - but just living life at home.  As much as I do love traveling - I love home and family even more.  

Our new motor home needs a name - we never named any of the previous ones - but somehow this one seems to want a name.  Elsewhere!  Perfect.  When we're in the motorhome we are not at home - we are Elsewhere!!!  But he is surely not a Saint!  and definitely is a He.  Elsewhere is very young - just got him a couple of weeks ago.  We had looked at motor homes for six weeks - found exactly the floorplan we wanted - then could NOT find one anywhere.  Worn out from looking we decided to just keep the one we had - after all we really liked it...

March 8 -Loaded up and left for a trip to a Pennsylvania Mud Sale (more about that later).  I was in the back taking a nap (not all that unusual) when the Man yelled "Wake Up"!  Seems there was a Camping World in Roanoke, Virginia right alongside the Interstate.  Should we stop?  Why not?  Well...we pulled into the parking lot - right behind a motorhome that had just been delivered - not even washed and put on the lot.  What kind of motorhome?  The exact one we had been looking for!  Really?  We looked at several others just 'cause that's the way we are - have to make sure.  But it was meant to be, don't you think?  

The people at Camping World of Roanoke were great - gave us a good deal trading in our Class C for the Class A.  Cleaned up Elsewhere - hooked us up in their service area - parked our Class C next door with the doors facing so we could "move in"!  Didn't take long.  So we spent our first night with Elsewhere at Camping World of Roanoke.

We spent some time getting to know Elsewhere before heading north to Pennsylvania - didn't make it in time for the mud sale - we'll put that on the list for the future.

Boondocked at a Walmart somewhere in Pennsylvania.  There were five other RV's there - our own little community.  Did some shopping in Walmart - ate supper at Sam's - walked back to Elsewhere and started the generator - watched a blu ray movie.  Perfect Day.

Sunday in Lancaster and Intercourse, Pennsylvania.  Lots of Amish horses and buggies on the road - families walking - children playing.  Such a peaceful life they seem to live.  We spent the day walking around the town of Intercourse - smaller and more enjoyable than the city of Lancaster.

The Man found the quilt of his dreams - at Miller's Quilts in Intercourse.  He has wanted a Mariner's Compass quilt since he first saw one a couple of years ago.  I had plans to make it for him - but not until the really big Double Wedding Ring for Son 2 and wife is finished (yes, it will be finished one day)!  This quilt is amazing - pieced and hand quilted by an Amish lady.  He is a happy man.  

Drove to Hershey, Pa - really nice, leisurely day.  Spent the night in Hershey Campground - quiet, wooded.  

Headed south Monday morning with a few stops on the way.  We went back by Camping World of Roanoke - to ask a few more questions about Elsewhere.

Got home and realized that Elsewhere barely fits in our tallest building - the Man will have to make some modifications or building additions to accommodate our newest addition.

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