Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I finished my Wonky Star Quilt!  Yeah - the stars are supposed to look like that...it's wonky.  It was a fun quilt to make - first quilt I've made using solid color fabrics.  Machine quilted on my Janome Horizon.  It feels so good to finish something.  I have so many projects that need finishing.

The very air I breathe feels heavy today.  Thinking about the thirteen month old baby boy who was shot and killed by a teenager in Brunswick, Georgia.  My "Seestah" and her family live in Brunswick so this feels very close to home for us.  My heart and mind can't begin to comprehend someone shooting a baby.  

Bev and I went to "Charm Club" this morning.  Bet you might not know about charm clubs.  It really is not about learning to be charming!  Twelve of us meet once a month and exchange cotton squares so someday we can make a charm quilt with hundreds of different fabrics!  Those of us addicted to quilting and all such things think it is quite a fun thing to do.  

Four weeks until we go to Paducah, Kentucky to THE Quilt Show!  Nothing like 50 quilters on a bus trip!  


  1. I'm envious that you're traveling to Paducah; lucky you! I'm so happy that we attend "Charm Club" together!

  2. This will be my first time at the Paducah Quilt Show - can hardly wait!