Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter - Memories - Faith

Easter - so many good memories of Easters past.  Easter - hope - new beginnings - faith - spring - family.  Is our faith shown in what we say or what we do?  In what we have or what we give?  The ones in my life who have exemplified faith have been the quiet ones who didn't seek attention - who were just there quietly doing what needed to be done.  They have left an imprint on my heart and life. 

Have you read In His Steps  by Charles Monroe Sheldon?  It is one of the best selling books in the world.  It will make you think about the decisions you make every day - it might change the decisions you make in the future.  Faith is not easy - at least not for me.  It is a daily choice - to live by faith.

Family here for dinner tonight.  Life is good.  Our best times together are usually around the dinner table.  More laughter than usual tonight.  Mostly laughing at memories of ourselves.  Having a four year old and a seven month old at the table brings a special joy.  

Good food - our family likes good southern country food.  Tonight it was Honey Baked Ham (Aunt Honey does a great job with that), creamed potatoes, green beans, marinated slaw, deviled eggs, broccoli casserole, yeast rolls and carrot cake for dessert.  It is so wonderful to have a daughter in law who is a great cook and loves to help with family dinners.  J knew he was getting a wonderful wife - don't think he realized what a good cook she would become.  They are such good parents - how blessed LJ and LA are to have them as Mommy and Daddy.

Our teenaged grandsons are on a trip to the mountains with their mom and her family.  They're lucky to have lots of family - even great grandparents on their mother's side.

I'm still working on the double wedding ring quilt for Josh and Becky.  Quilting two quilts for Veterans for our quilt guild.  Working on some wool appliqué.  Knitting a block for the Great American Afghan. All good.

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