Sunday, March 24, 2013

Music at The Country Store in Floyd, Virginia

Wonderful weekend in the mountains of Virginia.  The Man and I took "Elsewhere" (our motor home) to the mountains of Virginia for a few days.

I have heard about and read about Friday night music at "The Country Store" in Floyd, Virginia for years so we decided to see for ourselves.  Floyd is a really small town with one stoplight so it's easy to find "The Country Store".  It really is an old fashioned country store.  The music has become so popular and the crowds so big that an addition was added on to the back of the store.

We ate lunch at the lunch counter in "The Country Store".  Delicious.  Ken had Parsnip Soup - we had never heard of Parsnip Soup.  They have fresh bread from the local bakery - all kinds of desserts and ice cream (even waffle cones).

Everyone we met in Floyd was friendly and talkative.  They love telling about their town and the music it is know for.  The lady in the local convenience store told us we were welcome to park Elsewhere in their back parking lot so we wouldn't have to look for a place after the music was over.  How nice!
It was really cold and windy so we parked Elsewhere close to the country store - then after the show we parked at the convenience store - started the generator and settled in for the night.  Perfect!

The Friday night show - you really have to go!  Not just to listen - but to talk to people - and of course to dance if you're brave enough.  The first hour (starts at 6:30) is old fashioned mountain gospel music.
No dancing this hour!  There were two different bands - 90 minutes each. The dance floor was so packed - and everyone seemed to be having the time of their lives.  I think there were people on the dance floor from 3 to 93!  And you didn't have to have a partner - just start dancing.  What fun.

We met and talked top people from Texas, Oregon, Canada, Pennsylvania, Florida and China!  How did all these people hear about the music at Floyd?

We drove the backroads to Roanoke Saturday morning - not much traffic.  Elsewhere had a couple of questions for the great guys at Camping World of Roanoke - that's where we found him.  They had coffee and donuts - wonder if that's a daily thing or just Saturday.  Or maybe they had them because we were coming?!

We liked Floyd so much we drove back Saturday afternoon - disappointed to find that they only have Saturday afternoon music - they close at 5.  Stayed at our friendly neighborhood convenience store again - that's the nice thing about a motor home - have everything we need with us - even electricity (generator).  We had dinner, watched a movie - very nice.

We left earlier than planned - it was beginning to sleet and the forecast was for sleet and snow with the temperature below freezing.  Better to get us and Elsewhere down the big mountain!  It was snowing hard going down the mountain - but stopped as we drove south.  The Man is a great driver and knows all about Elsewhere - thank goodness.

One other really nice thing about this trip - an unexpected bonus.  Wooly Jumper Yarn Shop next door to The Country Store!  Next door!  Did I go to the Yarn Shop?  Of course I did.  More friendly people and lots of beautiful yarn.  Floyd has got it all!

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