Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Little Rain Must Fall...

Lake Placid
Today was our first rainy day - all day.  Not complaining - 12 days on the road and one rainy day - not bad at all.
Hoss's in Blue Lake
    We went to Lake Placid, New York this morning.  Beautiful resort town.  The 1932 and the 1980 Olympics were held in Lake Placid.  This area has so many beautiful lakes. Long Lake, Blue Lake, Seventh Lake, Sixth Lake, Fifth Lake, Fourth Lake and ........
    We spent some time in a really fun store in Blue Lake - Hoss's - they have everything.  Even a huge tree growing up through the middle of the store.  All kinds of fun things as well as clothing, hunting and fishing stuff, quilts and much more.  A fun stop.
Fall Leaves Beginning to Turn
    Somewhere along the way on Highway 12 is the biggest Antique Shop Ever (really).  If we had a trailer I think Lester would have filled it up.  As it is, the car is stuffed.  Ken would love this store.  
   Tiger Lily Quilt Co. in Utica - Don't you love that name for a quilt shop?  Fun shop - lots of beautiful quilts on display.  


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