Thursday, April 26, 2012

Swamp Ape, Airboats and Frank Lloyd Wright!!!

   Yes, Key West was wonderful, colorful, loud, delicious and lots of fun.  That would have been enough to make it a great trip - but - we had more fun!  Stayed in Big Cypress Trail Campground - not realizing that it is World Headquarters of the Swamp Ape Research Center!!!  Not real sure about that swamp ape but they did have the largest snakes we've ever seen and beautiful birds and alligators.  They let Bro hold an alligator - just a baby one. Very interesting place - stop by if you're ever in that area.
Just happened to see a nursery with huge greenhouses full of the most beautiful orchids.  Spent some time taking pictures - wanted to bring some home but the shower in the motor home was already looking like a mini greenhouse! 
   One of our favorites was the airboat ride in the Everglades.  Yea, that's Ken in the driver's seat but they wouldn't let drive it - or is that skim it or hover it or whatever it's called.  Extreme fun - took us to a "hammock" where some Miccosukee Indians lived until 1987.  Didn't much like the water moccasins and alligators!

   Bro's iPad with 3G was great - we googled anything we saw along the highway - when we realized we were only a few miles from Florida Southern College - of course we had to stop!  Frank Lloyd Wright designed all the campus buildings - and several miles of his famous low covered walkways.  It is the largest concentration of Wright building in the world - loved it.  FSC has been named the most beautiful college campus in the country - and it really is!  What a nice surprise - and all 
because of Google and road signs!

   Just couldn't get that close to Disney World and not stop.  We only went to Downtown Disney - crowded and hot, but we managed to do a little shopping.  
We spent our last night somewhere in Georgia - really nice campground.
   Great trip - I love going and I love coming home!  
Where might I be thinking about for the next trip?  There are four states that I have not visited - I really need to take care of that.

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