Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 3 - April 15 - Boondocking

We left Seestah's house about 1:00 - headed south.  Beautiful day to be on the road.  We ended up looking for a campground and not finding anything so for the first time ever - we "boon docked" at Walmart in Fort Pierce, Florida.  I called and talked to the manager and he sounded like he was more than happy to have us.  We even had a security guard cruising by so we felt very safe! 
After breakfast we hit the road for Miami - looking for the new Marlins stadium.  Well of course our GPS sent us to the old stadium so we got a look at that one before finding the new one.  It's a beautiful building but it just didn't seem right to see an indoor baseball game.  I like the Atlanta Braves games much more.  Sure was nice to go to the camper when I got bored with the game. We enjoyedBro's IPAD - he has Verizon on it so we could look up all kinds of taas we drove.  Any discussion led to one of us saying "Google it".

Our next stop was "Coral Castle" - you have to see it to believe it.  It is built from Coral - built by one small man with no big tools and no help.  He must have been a genius to figure out how to build it - and it seems impossible that he could build the huge things with no help.  He even build a bathtub made of coral.    We stayed at Miami Everglades Campground - nice place.  

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