Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Girls Week in the Mountains!!!

One whole, complete week in the mountains with nothing to do except what we want to do.  Wish you could hear the wonderful night sounds.  We are high on the mountain overlooking a lake  in Georgia.  Such a beautiful place.

We got here yesterday afternoon - one of our bff's couldn't make it - we sure miss her.  So it's the two of us - been way too long since our last trip together - the three of us were in Charleston, 
Christmas 2011.

We have friends - good friends - but some of us are lucky enough to have "forever friends" who know us better than we know ourselves.  If we're really lucky - they are also great travel friends.  What fun.

We have all these places to see and things to do on our list - the nice thing is we don't have to do any of them unless we want to.  Today we didn't want to do any of them.  Stayed here all day - sat on the deck - talked - ate, read - cooked a simple, delicious dinner.  Talked, ate, read, watched some Netflix. 
A really good day.

This cabin has three levels with three beautiful decks with a swing, rockers, table and chairs and bird feeders.  Lots of birds - although the flying squirrels eat most of the bird seed.

I have friends who own a beautiful house in the North Carolina mountains that I've visited many times.  I thought it had the steepest possible driveway - Not!  I stopped and took a long look before I started up this driveway - will be interesting to go down tomorrow!

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