Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day One of National Street Rod Show

Beautiful weather - not too hot and not humid - how nice.  There are hundreds of vendors here selling all kinds of things.  One huge building is "Woman's World".  Can't wait to check that out.

First thing - they come get us - we go to Papa John Stadium - hook the truck to the trailer (I wondered why - since Frank and Leslie were going to drive it to the show).  Duh!  so the trailer wouldn't tilt when the car was backed off on the ramp.  I wouldn't have thought of that until it happened.  They drive the car - we drive the truck, then go in to find them - cell phones are good when there are over 10,000 show cars.

We had a perfect location for the car - in the lot next to the street so we could watch cars cruising by all day.  The street is on the Expo property since it covers 300 acres and it is all full of cars.  Lawn chairs, umbrellas, cold drinks - meeting great people and hearing about their cars.  

Nancy - drove her beautiful street rod truck from Wisconsin by herself.  Said her husband showed their cars for years while she stayed home with four kids.  Kids are grown - hubby is tired of going - so she goes all over the country showing their cars - they have several.  In fact, they have several Woodies.  She was such a fun person - enjoying life to the fullest.  And guess what - she sold her street rod!  She went into the vendor area to shop for parts for the next one.  Wish I had a picture of her bright yellow street rod. 

Car back and locked in trailer - time for dinner on the Louisville Riverfront.  Joe's Crab Shack - delicious seafood - great service and a beautiful setting.  A walk in the riverfront park - perfect end to a great - if tiring - day.  Glad to get back to Elsewhere and relax.

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