Saturday, August 17, 2013

Life in the Mountains is Good

View from our deck

Life can't get much more relaxing than today.  Watching the mountains light up with morning, hearing the birds, drinking tea.  Perfect way to start my day.

Only tv we've watched is all the episodes of "House of Cards".  I don't watch much television but I really liked this series.  It was nominated for 10 Primetime Emmys.   I do admit to watching "NCIS" all the time - doesn't matter how many times I've seen it - do love that show and all the characters.

We went to Dillard this afternoon for a late lunch at Cupboard Cafe - a surprise in this small mountain town.  The food was delicious - all kinds of entrees, sandwiches - huge selection of vegetables and desserts. Everything we ate was great - although I didn't like the Peanut Butter Pie that we shared - guess I just prefer my peanut butter on crackers.  They also have a nice gift shop, a fudge and jelly bean shop.  Nice afternoon.

Across the street from the cafe is a "Metal Folk Art" place - that's the only way I know to describe it.  Everything from an old VW Bug to metal horses and all kinds of metal thing a ma jigs. 

I think we were the only people in Dillard today without jackets or sweaters!  It was really cool - I wonder if this is typical weather for August in the North Georgia mountains. 

Tonight the raccoons came to visit - they stayed on the deck for hours eating all the bird seed.  They ran all over the deck and even had a couple of fights.  Sure hope they don't bring bears with them next time.

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