Thursday, August 15, 2013

High on the Mountain in Georgia

Rain Chain at Tiger Mountain Vineyards - I want one.
Yesterday - great weather - we drove to Helen - stopping at several interesting places along the way.  Helen is really a touristy town - fun to visit but don't care about going back.  We did have a delicious german lunch in Hofer's German Restaurant.  Good food and good service.  The red cabbage was delicious and Seestah really made the waitresses day when she asked, "What makes the cabbage red?"  It was even funnier since Seestah is a great cook and knows all about vegetables - guess it was just one of those momentary brain freezes.

Crane Creek Vineyards in Young Harris is on an old farm - as so many vineyards are.  The tasting room is in the old farmhouse - very nice people.  I don't know much about wine but I did buy one bottle of blush - need to support small businesses you know.

We stopped at Hightower Vineyards on the way back.  We had a frozen peach belini - wonderful!
I sat on the back porch and chatted with a young lady - Professor of Medieval Art at Young Harris College.  Really interesting to talk to her.  The vineyard owner invited us to come back Friday evening for "Swine and Wine" - barbecue sandwich, slaw and first glass of wine - sounds like fun.

We saw a zip line - Seestah wanted very badly to  zip down the line - but since her foot is still healing, we decided to skip the zip.  I didn't want to go zipping without her - that would not have been good.  Maybe next time.

This morning - 60 degrees - high this afternoon - 72.  Absolutely perfect weather - perfect day.  There are so many birds eating from the feeders on the decks - I think they come just to visit with us.  Leisurely morning watching the birds, playing Scrabble.  We headed down the mountain about 11:00 - drove to Clayton - really nice little town.

There is a store in Clayton that sells restored stoves and refrigerators made from the 1800's through the 1970's.  They are completely restored and ready to use.  The older ones have the original porcelain and chrome finish.  One stove was made from copper.  They are beautiful.  He ships them all over the world - does a lot of custom work for people.

There are several nice shops along the streets of Clayton.  We had a great lunch at Clayton Cafe - fried chicken breast that was huge - can't imagine a chicken that big.  Field peas, greens, cornbread squash casserole and lots of other vegetables on the menu.

All kinds of stuff to look at.  RC Cola and Mini Moon Pie for $2.50.  We did NOT get one.
Stopped in Tiger, Georgia at Linda's Sweet Treats and Antiques - just happened to see it.  Yes, there is a town called Tiger.  I got just one piece of Blackberry Wine Cake - delicious.  Guess what kind of cake Seestah got??Chocolate on Chocolate!  Just a mile or two down the road we stopped at Tiger Mountain Vineyards.  Very nice - Seestah said the wine was the best yet - maybe she just liked the handsome young man from Australia who works there.

We are watching "House of Cards" on Netflix - evil people.  But we can't stop watching...

Seestah brought home a couple of left over cornbread muffins to try to bait a bear into coming to the cabin.  I tried to stop her - a man at the Cafe told her it really wasn't safe to feed the bears so she told him it was for the birds.

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