Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I have long been fascinated by Frank Lloyd Wright and his unbelievable architecture. I have visited several of his houses and Taliesin in Scottsdale, Arizona. What a stubborn man he must have been - to design and build buildings that were said to be impossible to build. He was so far ahead of the times he lived in - so far removed from the thinking of those around him.

Wright's most famous and most amazing building is Fallingwater in Pennsylvania. It is canitlevered over a waterfall and creek- in a quiet, secluded and wooded area. Pretty amazing to see a house that was built in 1936 that still looks modern and ahead of the times.

I sometimes wonder how many gifted and creative people have let the expectations of those around them keep them from being what they are meant to be. For most of us it is easier to just fit in - do what's expected. Thank goodness for the ones who have the courage to be creative and imaginative.

Beautiful weather - what's not to love about springtime? Well - maybe the pollen! Everyone I know has allergies - 'specially this time of year. Garden is growing - flowers are blooming - it's a beautiful day.

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