Saturday, March 19, 2011

Auction Sale

...went to an auction sale yesterday. Sort of sad. The man who owned the house and all the "stuff" was there - it must be hard to see your lifetime of belongings sold to the highest bidder. I went because there were some handmade quilts sold. I didn't buy one - I really just wanted to see them. There were a few people there who seemed to appreciate the artistry of the quilts.

In this economy - with so many people unemployed and so many facing financial difficulty. there are still people with money to spend. One man spent several thousand dollars on coins - one woman spent several hun
dred on a couple of RJR items. A very distinguished gentleman paid $2,100 for a Colt Python...guess he really wanted it.

I did buy a stained glass mirror - just couldn't resist. It is beautiful and the price I paid is less than I would pay for the materials to make it.

Little Man is spending the night with us. We had so much fun playing outside - feeding the donkeys. He loves riding his "Harley". Are boys born with the need for speed? He loves pushing the turbo button to go fast. He also loves riding it down to the shop or somewhere - then deciding he doesn't want to ride it back.

Is spring here? Mid 80's today - felt more like summer.

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