Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Do Like a Challenge!

Why do you think I'm making this quilt?  I sometimes ask myself.  It is a bargello.

Squares are one inch - some smaller - some just a tiny bit larger.  Cut one inch strips of fabric - twenty different fabrics.  Sew the one inch strips together and then cut the sewn together strips into one inch strips and have fun arranging them and sewing them back together.  I do like a challenge - and this definitely qualifies as a challenge.  One more to check off my "bucket list" ...when it is finished.

My subconscious may be rebelling since I seem to have lost the pattern after starting the quilt.  My stubborn streak won out - I bought another pattern book!

I admit to being very competitive - just can't stand the thought of not knowing how to do something.

I love making quilts.I just have an aversion to ever making the same quilt pattern on to new and bigger projects. The new Janome Horizon sewing machine I got for Christmas sure makes it easier and so much more fun. I will be teaching a quilt class at Sew Together in February and March.  It's a great pattern...that I haven't done before so we will be learning together.  I really enjoy working part time at Sew Together - don't know if I enjoy teaching knitting or quilting more.  Our customers are wonderful and I've seen so many people that I haven't seen in years.

Little Man spent Sunday night with us.  His mommy says he always takes long naps the day after spending time with us.  He must be worn out from all that playing.  He is two years old and so full of energy and fun.

I cooked "dinner" for all of us Sunday. is dinner on Sunday but it's lunch the rest of the week.  Sitting around the table for a meal with family is one of my favorite things.

My biffle (best friend for life) who now lives in Georgia called tonight.  We talk quite often and usually for an hour or so at a time.  Some friends are just so much more than friends.  She works part time in a book store so we always have books and quilts to talk about.  She is reading a new book by Karen White - set in Georgia - I may have to read it.

Life is good.

Life is good.

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