Saturday, January 8, 2011

I Think I Want a Kindle

I love books.  I love bookstores.  And reading books...and keeping books.  Our house is full of books even after donating hundreds of books.  I like the feel of a book in my hands.  Never thought I wanted a Kindle, but I'm changing my mind.  So easy to carry so I always have a book to read.  And...I found out recently that you can put music on a Kindle.  PDF documents can be loaded on it from your computer.  And it will even read the book to me if I'm knitting or quilting.

So maybe I do want a Kindle.  Josh has one - it sure is lighter to carry around than a 500 page book.

The downside?  Finding more time to read.

A very good day.  Wonderful son and daughter in law invited us to dinner.  Played with the sweetest, most fun two year old boy in the world.  He is the only two year old I know who will put himself in "Time Out" when he disobeys!  He has a great mommy and daddy.  It is really special to see our children become parents.

Mmm...should I get a Kindle?

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