Sunday, January 9, 2011

Grandsons, Granddog and Maybe Snow...

Our oldest grandson (14) and our youngest (2) are both sleeping at Nana's and Papa's house tonight. How special is that? The middle one was here with us for a while earlier tonight. Little Man just loves his big cousins and they dote on him.

The loft bed that Ken build for our younger son, Josh, had to be rescued from the attic this week.  Josh used it about 25 years ago;  Dale and Tristan used it a few years ago.  Now is is Little Man's turn.  He loves it - all his toys can live under the bed.  Of course he can't seep in it yet - it's way too high.  What fun to have the same bed his daddy had a few years ago.

Our two donkeys, Gracie and Stormy - both female - are two of Little Man's favorite things. He loves to feed them cookies. No, Stormy was not named after my brother who shares the same name. She was actually named Stormy when we got her. Little Man loves all things outdoors - the barn, the donkeys, the tractors and especially riding the Gator.

Much too cold today. Snow and ice in the forecast for tomorrow. I'm ready for spring!

We had another visitor for part of the day. Granddog Baxter spent the afternoon. He doesn't snore as much as Bodacious - our beagle.  He does beg for food quite a bit.

Snow or no snow?  School or no school?  Dale's last words before bed were, "Don't wake me if school is closed."  I always wanted to wake up early when school was closed so I could enjoy the whole day.

A really good day.
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