Monday, January 24, 2011

Elvis in Concert

I have always loved Elvis.  My Aunt G was a huge Elvis fan when I was a child.  Of course I thought it was funny that an "old lady" loved Elvis - she was probably in her forties!  Then I became a teenager and I still loved Elvis.

My friends loved the Beatles - they were okay but I just loved Elvis.  What a voice - not to mention those looks - that hair - those swivel hips.  I think I had all his "records", then his 8 track tapes - cassettes and cd's.  I even have some on my ipod - which is another story.  I lost my ipod.  How in the world do you keep up with something that darn small?  It could be hiding just about anywhere.  Been gone quite a while now.  Any ideas where it might be?  We have a 1950's Jukebox - and though it is hard to believe - Elvis sounds better on that than on the cd's.

Mr. H and I went to an Elvis concert in Greensboro April 21, 1977, just a few months before he died - Elvis died, not Mr. H.  Absolutely amazing. The picture above was taken at that concert.  The building was packed - almost 18,000. He was mesmerizing - seemed like every person there was totally focused on him.  It was obvious that he was not in good shape - he had just been released from the hospital.  He was still the King and he gave an amazing performance.  Hearing him sing "How Great Thou Art" brought tears to lots of eyes.  I'm so glad that we paid way too much for the tickets and went to see him.

Elvis was truly gifted - and millions loved him and his music.  There is a video of his daughter, Lisa Marie, singing with him - "In the Ghetto" and "Don't Cry Daddy".  You should watch it.

Another time I'll tell you about my all time favorite - even more than Elvis.  But today I'm remembering the King - maybe because his birthday is in January.  

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