Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 13 – September 30 – Reno and Lake Tahoe

 A nice, relaxing day in Reno.

When we checked in they gave us tickets for the breakfast buffet.  We ate there this morning and it was really unbelievable.  I’ve never seen a buffet to compare with this one.  Bacon, sausage, chicken, pork chops, steak, eggs benedict, omelets and all kinds of eggs, breads, pastries, waffles, pancakes, grits,  And a full fruit bar with wonderful fresh fruit of all kinds.  And to top it off – a dessert bar with all kinds of desserts – even cheesecake.  Quite a breakfast!  Everything we ate was really, really delicious.

After breakfast we drove to Lake Tahoe.  Absolutely beautiful.   There is only one island in the lake and it is very small.  There is a very small stone building on the very top of the island.  It is Mrs. Knight’s Tea House.  She had the stone hauled to the island and had it built just to use to entertain her friends a few times a year. 

We went by Squaw Valley - home of the 1960 Olympics.

We stopped at some Antiques/Collectibles shops.  Lester loves to collect things.  Of course the Tiguan is so full I don’t think we can buy much else.  The Elk antlers take up quite a bit of room!

Next stop was at a Walmart to buy underclothes!  Now we can put off doing laundry for a while.

The weather continues to be beautiful.  I think we picked a perfect time of year for this trip.  It is much hotter here than it has been since we left home – 90 today, but no humidity so it is comfortable.  Until yesterday the temperature had ranged from 55 to 75 since Day 2 of our trip.  Almost no rain anywhere.  Just the mist and clouds around Seattle – I think it stays that way in Seattle.

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