Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 12: Sunday, October 3, 2010

Las Vegas is ever changing.  Every time I come here it seems like a different place.  It is constantly being torn down and rebuilt.  Nothing is constant here.  Even the older hotels are forever being renovated.

We are enjoying being in one place for a few days.  A little shopping – mostly looking around in the unusual shops in town.  One named Lost Vegas is closed today – maybe we’ll check it out tomorrow.
I think it has vintage Vegas stuff. 

The weather is perfect again – low to mid 80’s with no humidity.

I went to a wonderful quilt shop this afternoon – Fabric Boutique.  Huge with hundreds of patterns and almost as many sample quilts hanging on the walls.  Lots of fun.

I’m limiting myself on the money I lose in the casino.  It is fun to play some of the games as long as you realize you’re going to lose.  I look at it as entertainment - $10 buys me a long time.  I played $5.00 and won up to $13.00 – Wow!  Of course you know what I did.  I cashed out – managed to wait a couple of hours before going back and losing it and a few more dollars.

Will gave Lester $40.00 and asked him to bet it on black on the Roulette wheel – one bet.  He put it on black and won – doubled his money.  I double if I would be that lucky.

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