Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Aspen, Colorado Springs and on to Kansas

Aspen is not at all what I expected!  Just a nice little tourist town.  I'm sure it is much different during ski season.  It was fun to see.  Lots of nice shops.

We drove from Aspen to Twin Lakes on Independence Pass.  What a road!  It is closed for much of the year.  The road is so narrow - some parts would be impossible to meet a car.  Most of the road has no guard rails.  Elevation at the top is over 12,000 ft.  I don't think I care to do it again even though the scenery is really beautiful.  The Aspen trees were so pretty.  There was a ghost town in one of the extremely deep valleys. 

We went to a really old town - Leadville. Lots of Victorian houses with colorful paint.  We went in several shops and bought some unusual things.  My VW Tiguan is packed pretty tight.  All the shops are in really old buildings.  Leadville has the highest elevation of any incorporated city in North America. 

From there we drove east and it is amazing how quickly everything changes.  In just a couple of hours we were in the plains.  No hills - thousands of acres of crops.  Lots of big farm equipment.  The road was so flat and straight for miles and miles.

 We had a couple of hours of rain - the rest of the day was beautiful.  Time zone changed again.  Losing that time we gained on the way out!

Tonight we are in WaKeeny, Kansas.

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