Monday, September 20, 2010

ROAD TRIP 2010 - Days 1 and 2

Finally! We left yesterday (Sunday) at 7:00 AM. Wonderful day -weather is perfect - lows in the high 50's with highs in the 70's. We drove to Chicago with some stops to stretch our legs, get gas and eat. Chicago is really a beautiful city. Navy Pier and Millennium Park are beautiful. The skyline is awesome - Willis Tower - formerly the Sears Tower. People walking and riding bikes. Doesn't really feel likeyou're in the middleof a huge city. Sunday afternoon was the perfect time to tour downtown Chicago - traffic was not bad all all.
I wish I had more memories of the few months we lived in downtown Chicago when I was six years old! I actually started first grade in Chicago.

We went to Oak Park, Illinois - Frank Lloyd Wright's home and studio is there and Oak Park has the highest concentration of his houses anywhere in the world. These are the Prairie Style houses he was famous for in the
early 1900's. Beautiful houses - hard to believe they were build 100 years ago.
I was so intent on looking at the houses and taking pictures that I managed to trip over a raised section of the sidewalk and fall headfirst really hard. I had a knot the size
of an egg above my right eye. Scrapes and bruises - look like I've been beat. It looks even worse today - a really black eye. I bent my glasses all out of shape. Could have been a lot worse!

We spent last night in Elgin, Illinois. After driving 820 miles, it felt good to eat supper and relax.

We ate breakfast at the hotel this morning and were on the road about 7:30. We drove to Taliesin in Spring Green Wisconsin. We both enjoyed a 3 hour tour of Taliesin and Hillside which Frank Lloyd Wright built for
his two aunts to use as a private school. Taliesin was his home as well as his school of architecture. He was an amazing architect - he lived quite an interesting life. I've read his autobiography and have lots of books on the houses, churches and commercial buildings hebuilt. We met a lot of people who are really interested in FLW. Really enjoyable.

Our next stop was Mall of America in Bloomington, MN. Unbelievable! All kinds of rides, movie theaters, restaurants, and about hundreds of stores. A nice lady at LensCrafters repaired my glasses. We ate at a Chinese restaurant - really good. A dancing donkey (stuffed animal) just insisted on coming home with me so he could meet Little J.

Driving through Wisconsin was so nice - beautiful rolling hills with large dairy farms and thousands of acres
of corn fields. Wisc
onsin is really
beautiful. We did stop to buy some Wisconsin cheese - mm good.

We're spending the night in St. Cloud, Minnesota. A really good day.


  1. What is it with your face and hard surfaces?! You can't seem to keep the two apart!

  2. Brent, you remember my last collision with a hard surface, don't you? I sure am getting some funny looks, lots of sympathy. I'm sure people think I'm an abused woman. Ha Ha.