Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 6 - Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Idaho Falls

It is hard to comprehend seeing Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons in one day. It's almost more than we can take in. We spent the morning in Yellowstone, then drove through the Grand Tetons - so very beautiful. Perfect weather - high 60's with blue skies - snow on the mountain tops. Yellowstone has changed a lot since Ken and I were here nine years ago. Lester says it has changed even more since he was here thirty one years ago! The picture is Yellowstone Lake.

We stopped in Jackson Hole for a couple of hours. Beautiful town. I love the town square with the antler arches on each corner. It has a lot of little shops and pricey places - doesn't cost to look. We happened upon a church thrift store and found some really neat things. There is a huge church right in the middle of town.
Our kind of shopping.

After leaving Jackson Hole we
drove on to Idaho Falls where Lester has friends from his army days. I am so excited - we actually got into our room about 4:30! After all those long days, it really feels good to have some down time to relax. Lester went to have dinner with his friends - I chose to just stay here, work on my pictures, read a little and be lazy.

A lady in the Yellowstone Gift Shop asked if I had been in a car accident. She kept saying, "Oh my, I know that hurts so much." She asked a lot of questions about how it happened - I think she was wondering whether or not I might need to be rescued. I assured her it was much better and I was fine.

If more people could see more of our country I think there would be a resurgence of pride and patriotism. There is so much good. We continue to meet such nice people.

We talked to Oldest Brother and his wife last night. They are in Colorado and plan to head home Sunday. Sounds like they're having a great trip.

Tomorrow: on to Glacier National Park - about 450 miles from here. We're looking forward to that since neither of us has been there.

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