Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 5 - Thursday, September 23, 2010

A long and busy day. We left Buffalo, WY about 7:15 this morning.
Drove through Badlands National Park - beautiful mountains and stone formations. A little fog and light rain - but only for about an hour. We saw many herds of deer grazing along the highway.

We spent a few hours in Cody, WY - did some shopping. Lester
found this "antique" store - more like a junk shop, but of course
he found a great buy. He always does.

Yellowstone National Park - We came in the East Gate and we were shocked at all the dead trees. We had heard about trees dying, but were shocked to see whole mountains of dead trees. Some kind of beetles are killing the trees. Some areas are completely devastated. Both of us have been to Yellowstone before but it is still amazing to see the earth steaming and boiling. The smell of sulphur almost takes your breath at some of the areas. They look like a witch's cauldron! I'll bet the buffalo love the steam in the winter. We saw hundreds of buffalo. Several times traffic had to stop for buffalo in the road. Herds along the highway caused traffic jams when people completely stopped to see them. We saw several Elk and a few mountain goats. The waterfalls are beautiful. We drove out the North Gate into Gardiner, MT. It is a neat little town that still feels like an old west town. No fast food - just lots of bars, cafes and shops. We spend a few hours there and had a good dinner. We spent some more time in Yellowstone and we're planning to spend part of tomorrow in there. Must see Old Faithful!

We came out the West Gate into the town of West Yellowstone. Beautiful little tourist town - crowded little town! We had a hard time finding a place to stay - they were all full. Don't know if there is something special going on or it's just this busy all the time. Finally got in a room about 8:30 and you won't believe power in the room. After a couple of calls to the desk, they moved us to a larger, nicer room, but it's not much fun to be dragging all your stuff around at 9:00 when you're tired. Finally settled in.

A good day. Busy day. I feel so fortunate to be able to see this beautiful country.

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