Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 10: A Beautiful, Amazing Country

Every day on this trip I've been reminded that we live in a truly awesome country. America is so diverse. We drive a few hours and it seems like we're in a totally different country.

The weather continues to be just perfect. We did have rain for a couple of hours on the Washington Coast this morning - I think that's the norm for that area. We drove along the coastline for a few hours. The Pacific coast is so different from our North Carolina beaches.

We stopped to take pictures and heard seals singing. I've seen seals but never such a large group. I couldn't believe how loud they were. They must have been having a party. We watched for quite a while.

We spent some time in Lewis and Clark National Park this morning. I didn't know pine trees could grow so big. It felt like we were in a huge terrarium. People who work in our National Parks are almost always exceptionally nice and helpful.

We went to Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum in McMinnville, Oregon. It really is amazing - especially the Spruce Goose - the wood plane built by Howard Hughes. The wingspan is over 350 feet - which is hard to imagine. Lots and lots of planes of all kinds. Really nice place. They have a wine shop selling wine from the Spruce Goose Vineyard, a gift shop and restaurant.

Our last stop was Crater Lake National Park. It is really unusual and amazing. The lake was created by a volcano and it is the deepest lake in the USA. The water is so still that it looks opaque. It has no source of fresh water - it comes from snow and rain. Pictures really can't capture the beauty of it.
We had another late day. We keep forgetting how isolated everything is here. We were enjoying Crater Lake at about 6:00 PM when we decided to call it a day. It took until 8:30 to find a place to stay. We are spending the night in Medford. Oregon. You really have to plan ahead out here so you don't run out of gas or end up with late nights with no place to stay.
A really good day.

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