Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 4 - Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Our first stop today was Wall Drug in Wall, SD. It started as a small family owned drug store and now covers several blocks in the small town of Wall. Fun place to spend some time - they have everything.
Badlands National Park - nature at its best. Perfect weather to enjoy the scenery.
Mount Rushmore - I'm sure everyone has seen pictures of this monument but you just can't imagine how awesome it is or the
hugeness of it. We watched a twenty
minute film about how it was created. Seems impossible.
Crazy Horse Monument - Another awesome sight. This monument is not funded with public money - completely by private donations and support. When finished it will show Crazy Horse on his horse - only the head is completed now. It will be larger than Mount Rushmore when completed. The museum is really great - a tribute to Native American Indians.
Hill City, SD - Main attraction is the dinosaur museum. I skipped this one and looked at a couple of antique stores and ate an ice cream cone. They only took cash and I only had $3.00 so the lady took my ice cream out of the waffle cone and put it in a sugar cone! Can you believe it. And of course Lester gets a huge waffle cone when he went in later!
Deadwood, SD - used to be a "cowboy town" but it is now mostly a new city made up of casinos. Gambling was legalized in 1989 so they made so much money they rebuilt the town. What a shame. It is now just another city. Nothing special at all.
Devil's Tower, SD - a unique monument - nature made, not man made. It is a huge tower which was created from a volcano many, many years ago. Unusual and interesting.
Does this sound like a full day. Believe me, it was. We enjoyed all of it and the weather continues to be beautiful.
My eye is better but is still black and blue. It doesn't hurt as much so sometimes I forget about it until people give me these strange looks.


  1. Those strange looks aren't about your eye. They heard you talk and couldn't figure out what language you were speaking!

  2. You are so right! They seem to know we're from the South. Can you imagine. You should have heard them in the DQ when I ordered a hot dog with mustard,chili, onions and slaw. "What's slaw?" they asked. "Coleslaw" I said. They said "Yuck".
    But there was one lady working there who used to live in North Carolina. She told them not to knock it until they tried it. They put so much chili and slaw on it that they gave me a fork to eat it with. It was great