Monday, March 30, 2009

Knit Wits

Knitting with good friends is a great part of my life.  Several of us have been knitting together for several years.  Every Monday night.  We meet at Panera these days - great place to relax, eat, drink, knit and have fun.  

What a group we are: 

Emily who knits but is never quite sure just what she is knitting.  Her projects tend to morph from one thing to another as she knits.  

Tina who makes spreadsheets of her knitting patterns so she has exact, precise instructions for every row!  

Madame Adams who tries to keep us all going in the right direction.  Good luck!

Tracy - our newest knitter.  She considers herself a real knitter now that she oohs and ahhs over the softness of alpaca.

Pam who gets here when she can.  She's the keeper of the cats!

Lisa who is on leave from us right now - think she may be doing something important.

Sharon - one of original knitters who moved away - how could she?  She's the knitter whose stitches are so tight it hurts the needles!  We miss her.

And then there's me...the knitter with numerous projects going at the same time.  This week I knitted two balls for J and now I'm knitting "Sackboy" just because he's so cute.  

There is something really special about spending time with good friends sharing a love for knitting and just having fun.

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