Thursday, April 2, 2009

Monsoon Season

I'm beginning to think we're having our very own monsoon season.  Rain every day.  Our garden is beginning to look like a rice paddy!

Quilting, laundry, cooking, cleaning, knitting, reading - life is full.

Dale and Tristan spent the night with us last night. Grandsons are very special.
Little J is coming tomorrow morning to stay with me for a few hours.   Check out the little worker - he removed the handle from the recliner.  And his most exciting endeaver is "standing" - anytime anywhere.
Ken and I are really enjoying "Dancing with the Stars" and "American Idol" this year.
Lots of talent.  I think American Idol has the best talent ever.

I talked to Seestah George last night - it's rainy in Georgia, too.  I sure do miss her.  Lorraine has given our friendship (Seestah, Lorraine and Me) the very fitting title of "Sistership".  That's us.

Lorraine called yesterday to tell me that she and Jim went to the mountains this past weekend and they really love the bedroom and bath that we painted.  Jim's word was "awesome".  

We have reservations for Las Vegas - leaving Tuesday.  !!!

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