Thursday, April 9, 2009

Las Vegas - a new baby in the family

Las Vegas is so beautiful.  We're on the 20th floor of the Sahara - with a spectacular view of the mountains.  The sunset behind the mountains is so beautiful.

Lester and I flew from Charlotte to Dallas then on to Las Vegas yesterday.

We had lunch with Zac and Debra and met little December Siouxsie Diane Carter!!  A big name for a beautiful little girl.  She seems so little to us because our 
babies were so much bigger.  She is such a sweet baby.

Zac is always fun - he is a born entertainer!  Seems like such a short time ago that he, Zeb, Zane and Josh were little boys.  Now Zac has two little girls and Josh has a little boy.

Jeremiah has been sick for a week - not sleeping well, runny nose, coughing.  Becky took him to the doctor Monday and they gave her an inhaler to use on him.  He is breathing too fast and they're concerned about his lungs working efficiently.  He goes back to the doctor on Monday. We're praying that it is just a temporary viral thing and he'll be all well by Monday.  Looks like he's having fun playing in the basket!

Josh called tonight - Ken ate dinner with them.  I'm sure he enjoyed that.  I talked to him earlier today - all is well at home.  He assured me that he covered up our vegetable garden last night so they didn't freeze. 

Of course, I've lost some money in the casino.  I don't lose much only because I don't risk much.  I just look at it as a form of entertainment.  I like Blackjack and wish I knew enough to play Texas Hold 'Em.  Lester is actually winning!

The economy here is hurting - maybe more than most of the country.  The rate of home foreclosures is unbelievably high.  We talked to a man today who said his house was valued at over $300,000 a year ago and now he can't get $150,000 for it.  

I think that the high percentage of people in this country who have lived above their means for the past 20 to 30 years - bought houses and cars they couldn't pay for and ran up tens of thousands of dollars on credit cards - are the major cause of the economic mess we're in.  The sad part is that many people did what they were supposed to - lived within their means, paid their debts and saved money - and unfortunately they are the ones who are suffering through no fault of their own.  My sermon for the day.  I'm afraid our country has changed to the point of being unrecognizable as the America we loved.

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